What We Treat

Pre-Marital, Relational, & Marital

It is not uncommon for couples to wait until they are in crisis before they ask for help. Sometimes they feel embarrassed, believe they should be able to solve their own problems, or are afraid the situation might be hopeless. Whatever the cause for the crisis the first thing we have to do is stop the pain. Couples in this situation are in desperate need of symptom relief to give them the opportunity to experience some hope that the future can be different.

We offer an approach that is strength-based to help you and your significant other identify and express underlying needs in a non-attacking and non-judgmental way so that you can be heard, and your needs can be met. We use practical steps to help you both get back to having a deeper connection.


Counseling for Yourself
Whether you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem,
infidelity, trust, communication, betrayal or just transitioning through life stages, individual counseling can help. OhioMFT. will support you through utilizing your strengths and identifying other areas to help improve.

Family Therapy

Has there been some changes in your home life? Are you new parents? Single parent? Or having difficulty communicating in your family? OhioMFT. can help with improving family relationships with adjusting to changes in your family. We have experience with working with family’s dealing with conflict resolution, adjustment to parenthood, parenting issues and many other areas that a family may experience.


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